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Here is a Buddy Bears social story about the classrooms. (Click on the link below) It shows all the classrooms in the school so pupils returning can see where they were this year and where they will be next. There are questions about each classroom, exploring what is the same and different. It is a deliberately simple and repetitive story to support you to reinforce that, although there are small differences, the school and classrooms are the same, the people in the school are there to support  and the children will be safe and able to have great fun playing and learning. When talking with your child there are things to notice in each class:
For returning pupils things to focus on could be;
Same: the room number, could be the teacher. the pictures on the wall are gone so we can display new learning (this is always the case at the beginning of the year) it is safe, we can learn and have fun there
Different: could be the teacher, it could be a different room from their classroom last year, the tables are in a different arrangement... ther surfaces around the classroom are empty...there is less furniture; more space to play and learn in fun ways.. 

For new pupils the focus could be :
Each room has things that are the same.....
There are some things different in each class...table arrangements ...lots of space to play, learn and have fun.
Talk about their own classroom noticing things in the room.

Buddy Bears will be back soon to showcase more things from West Mains