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Mrs McMahon, West Mains School's principal teacher has created a Talk for Writing story for every one. (attached below)
She has adapted The Gingerbread Man. Read it through and talk about it lots of times with your child over a couple of days...they will begin to join in in many different ways, copying the words, pointing to the symbols, anticipating and joining in any actions or noises you add as you read. 
Then look at the ways the story can be retold by your child to create a brand new masterpiece. Again they can do this in lots of different ways, by talking with you, choosing from pictures, using toys to 'play out' their story, using different sounds/noises (what about a roar for a lion instead of the fox?) ...there are lots of ideas , just let your creativity run wild and go with whatever your child thinks of... Start with one small change and keep building...you will be amazed at what your child can create using this structure. There are supports for your child to do this included with the attached story.