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  Our ref:  CS/AMCK 
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If calling ask for:  Christine Shaw 
Phone:  01355 249938  
Date:  14.11.2019 
Dear Parents 
We had a very well attended Coffee Morning on Wednesday 13.11.19. There was opportunity for parents and families to chat together and with the Head Teacher, Christine Shaw and Lisa McMahon; Principal Teacher. The meeting was very positive and focused on partnership to ensure we can support West Mains pupils even more effectively.  
I am aware that many parents and families work or find attending the coffee morning very difficult. I thought it would be helpful to share some notes from the discussions. 
Families have requested a closed group with strict rules of engagement. It will not be identified with West Mains name, and no personal information or photographs will be allowed. It will be purely for sharing information from and about the school group. It was agreed that its name will be All for the Kids. Once it has been set up, I will contact parents with access details and the rules. Any Facebook/Whatsapp groups that have the West Mains identified as West Mains need to be closed asap. 
Some parents have asked for letters and other paper information is sent out as an email as well as on the app. A letter will be sent out soon asking for you to add an email address to a group if you would like to receive information this way. 
Fund Raising 
There was discussion about a Christmas fund raising raffle table at Halfmerke’s Christmas fair. It was suggested that a more low-key project that does not put financial or time pressures on families could be planned. The school are already planning a Christmas Jumper Day, and if we add a fun walking event we could ask for donations and raise some money for school Funds. Information will follow soon. 
Over the year we will be developing a sensory garden with £2500 raised with Tesco tokens. We also received a large donation from a former West Mains family. I am investigating some playground equipment to buy, and will share ideas at the next meeting. 
Lollipop Land 
The parent who is investigating a West Mains School exclusive booking for the soft play at Lollipop Land, is still awaiting contact from the manager. She is investigating whether there could be a reduction in the price due to comments from some families and the high level of interest expressed.  
Timing of the Coffee Morning 
There was discussion about how we can involve more parents, especially those who work. It was agreed that the Coffee Morning will be on different days of the week and at different times. It was agreed that Mrs Shaw will book the school so that it can occasionally meet in the evenings. 
Parent Council 
There was some discussion about the possibility of re-establishing a Parent Council for West Mains School. There will be further discussions at the next Coffee Morning next term. Leaflets and further information from Scottish Government will be sent to all parents early in January. 
Nativity and other Christmas events 
 A timetable for these events is being finalised and will be sent out asap. This will also have party dates on it. 
Christine Shaw 
Head Teacher