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Coronavirus - Information Update 5th March 2020
Guidance received from Health Protection Scotland has been issued to all schools and educational establishments. Given the need for good hygiene practice you are asked to note the following:-
The washing of hands often with soap and water, or through an alcohol based hand sanitiser if hand washing facilities are not available are what is advised to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses.
Advice from health practitioners is that parents/carers have an important role to play in letting their children know about the importance of washing their hands often, before eating and after using the toilet.
The council has taken an action to provide schools with pump action hand sanitisers for entrance areas and classrooms. These will be re-filled by the janitor who will also check that toilet areas have soap and paper towels in the morning and after lunchtime.
These steps have been taken to provide re-assurance around the precautionary measures which we have been asked to undertake by health professionals.  The current advice is for schools, businesses and organisations to continue operating as normally as possible, however it is recognised that schools and childcare settings are potentially different and this will continue to be monitored.

I attach a poster which we have received  from NHS Scotland.  This is displayed widely throughout the school. The poster provides advice on some preventative measures we are all asked to undertake.

If you have any health related questions you are advised to contact NHS24 or your GP.