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We in West Mains have an assembly for about half an hour on Friday each week. During weekly assemblies, pupils’ achievements both within and outside of school are recognised and celebrated by all. Certificates presented are displayed on our ‘Achievement Wall’. Assemblies have a monthly theme based around the health and wellbeing curriculum, this year we are focussing on childrens' rights and resposibilities to participate in deision making. We also celebrate major religious and cultural festivals through the year.

Scottish Government ministers consider that religious observance complements religious education and is an important contribution to pupils’ development.  It should also have a role in promoting the ethos of a school by bringing pupils together and creating a sense of community. The Education (Scotland) Act 1980 continues to impose a statutory duty on local authorities to provide religious observance in Scottish schools.

In West Mains School pupils are given opportunities to learn about Christianity and Other World Religions. An awareness of the development of beliefs and values, both their own and those of faith and none are explored in relation to the needs of the pupils. Integral to this approach is the principle of mutual respect.  The diversity of belief and tradition provides an ideal context in which pupils can learn about, and so learn from, what is important in the lives of themselves and others. We in West Mains recognise and welcome diversity and promotes respectful understanding.

There is a statutory provision for parents to withdraw children from participation in religious observance and/or reigious and moral education.  This right of parents’ wishes will be respected.  Where a child is withdrawn from religious observance, schools will make suitable arrangements for the child to participate in a worthwhile activity.

Parents may request that their children be permitted to be absent in order to celebrate recognised religious events.  Advance notice should be provided to the school when children will be absent.  Appropriate requests will be granted and the pupil noted as an authorised absentee in the register.

 Our school chaplain Lindsey Sanderson participates in our assemblies and once a term to have our assembly at the church. Current practice allows Roman Catholic pupils to receive religious education and be prepared for the Sacraments if requested by parents.

If any parent has any concerns about religious observance they should approach Mrs Shaw to discuss their concerns.