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January has been a very busy time for all at West Mains School. Pupils are enthusiatic about learning as part of their topics. Rooms 1,2,and 3 are learning about Fairyland and listening to lots of stories. They have also had a visit from a magical dragon asking for help. Room 4 are learning about space and join in with sensory activities, especially with light and dark. Room 5/6 have a greenhouse in class and are growing diffferent plants. The pupils are also learning about how they are growing and have been cooking healthy food. Room 7 are learning about the rainforest: its climate and environment and the plants and animals that live there. Room 8 are learning about space. They have found out about what is in the solar system and have enjoyed explosive science: making balloon powered and bubble powered rockets.
Music workshops have begun and will continue after the half term break. All pupils have time with Helen, the Samba drumming teacher. Tuesdays are lively and loud as pupils copy and respond to different rhythms. They are all very impressive. A group of 20 pupils have started woking with Scottish Opera and have loved singing together.
Thank you to all families who came to join in our Kids Inventor Day. The pupils all enjoyed the challenges and solving problems with their families. 
Most pupils are joining classes from Halfmerke for Mindfulness workshops: lots of relaxation and strategies for when they face more challenging feelings. 
Staff have also been learning new skills and researching different ideas. Some went to Makaton workshops. A teacher went to the university to explore the importance of play to support learning. In school working groups on numeracy and total communication have enabled staff to reflect on how we can support pupils  even more effectively.
Plans for the rest of the term promise more fantastic learning. Teachers are planning outings to support pupils' understanding and excitement for learning: please check school bags for information and consent forms to sign.