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Here are this week's challenges: its all to do with being outside and growing things. There's one for nearly every day.
Please take photos and send them to your class teacher. We would love to se how you are rising to the challenges

1. Who likes chips?
Let's grow some chips! Chips come from potatoes, so here goes.
Take a reusable shopping bag (not a carrierbag, but it can be a woven plasticbag  or a canvas bag) and cover the bottom with a layer of soil or potting compost if you have some
Take 5 potatoes from the cupboard and place them on top of the soil. Cover the potatoes with some more soil so they are covered. 
Put the bag somewhere in the garden or in an outdoor space. You can grow them indoors, BUT make sure you stand the bag in something to catch the water as it drains out! Water the potatoes everyday.
Watch for shoots to grow, as they grow keep adding more soil, leaving 2/3 leaves poking through. Do this until the bag is full.
Leave the potatoes to grow under the soil.
You can harvest your potatoes after the summer. 
THE CHALLENGE: When the potatoes are grown: we will find out, who has the most potatoes, who has the biggest potato, who has the heaviest yield, who has the funniest looking potato, who has the smallest potato, who has the tastiest potato. So you will need to keep looking after them really well.
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2. Make a bottle garden:
Take a clear plastic bottle with a lid. Get an adult to help you to cut it in half
Put some small stones at the bottom (gravel sized) then put some soil on top. Find some small weed plants. These can be anything: things you find on your walk or garden like grass and buttercups., anything you think is interesting Take a spoon or trowel to carefully dig them out. Then plant them carefully in your bottle garden. Water them and slide the top of the bottle back onto the bottle. Put it somewhere light but not too sunny. 
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3. There are some other challenges at these links 
Make a butterfly feeder and watch to see which insects come to feed

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Make a bird feeder: If you don't have peanut butter or have an allergy, use any form of fat. You can add anything you think the birds will like to eat. You might find pinecones on a walk or if you don't have any, fill a yoghurt pot to hang up in the garden or outside the window. 
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Enjoy the sensory experience. Tell us what birds come to feed. Can you take a picture? Can you find out what birds they are: use the internet to research.