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As we prepare for the new term there are worries and excitements. There are many ways we can help manage and channel these into positive feelings and experiences. Here a number of resources that might support you and your family as you prepare for the return to school in August.
We still have no firm guidance from Scottish Government on exactly how and when a full return to school will happen. Staff in West Mains are preparing for a positive return for everyone during August and beyond. We will inform you of any changes beyond the plans for a split week already published as soon as we have guidance from Scottish Government and SLC.
Advice suggests that talking and preparing for change in positive and open ways is advantageous for all children and adults. In the attachments there are some ideas to support being prepared for school that families can do in July and August. There is a Parent and Carer Journal that supports adults to reflect on experiences and expectations for the futures. There is a reflective tool for children; this is very long and families may want to focus on a selection of activities that will meet needs for their child. The activities could be done alongside siblings or individually. This toolkit  will be in the next post as only one document can be uploaded.
I hope these will allow families to reflect on the experiences during 'school at home' and in the school holidays and support you to be able to articulate these with us in West Mains once children are returning to school. This will help us to enure that the transition back into school is very nurtured,  and support us to co-build positive memories and experiences with all the children and you. 
If you have any concerns, please contact me